Welcome to Abigail's page!
Here is a bit about me...

  • Favorite Food: ICE CREAM
  • Favorite Movie:Get Smart

  • Favorite Book: I love a lot of books but my favorite series is Inkheart
  • Favorite Subjects: HOWL and Pre.Alg
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: I love pretty much any ice cream with chocolate in it!
  • Favorite Music: I like Taylor Swift
  • I play softball on a team and soccer at home with friends and family I also take horseback riding lessons every other week
  • Instruments: I play the flute and piano
  • Favorite animal: Horse, dogs, cats
  • Pets: I have 4 pets: One dog,and Two cats and a turtle(All shown below exept the turtle)
  • Favorite colors: Light blue,green, and yellow
  • Louie2.jpgMy dog, " Louie"
    Pepsi.JPGMy cat, "Pepsi"
    100_2286.JPGMy other cat, "Izzy"