Hi. I'm Alan. I'm on the red howl team.

My favorite things:
My favorite food is pizza
My favorite subjects are howl, science, and world geography
my favorite animal is the horse

My favorite thing to do... I have three favorite things to do
  1. Grooming Fidelity ( The pony i ride)- when i groom Fidelity, i make sure she is the best looking pony at the barn ( it's between her and Rhiannon. the only ponies.)
  2. Ride Eli- i love riding Eli. I'm not the greatest, but i ride pretty good. I haven't fallen off, yet, but everyone falls off someday. I always enjoy trail rides, my favorite trail leads to a pond. Once Eli decided to lie down in three feet of water. I ended up sliding out of the saddle into the water. After getting her saddle submerged in water, i had to clean all of her tack. Now i carry a whip when i ride, so she won't be lying in water anymore or eating every plant we ride by.
3. Read- my favorite things to read are the countless Equestrian magizines i get.
I don't like sports, but i like equestrian, which can be considered a sport ( my favorite equestrian event is Dressage)

My least favorite things:
  1. English class
  2. homework ( who likes school, at all? No one.)
  3. Band
Fidelity (front) ang her paddock pal Rhiannon