Hey it's Alexander P ! I'm here to tell you all about me and what I like to do.
First off I love soccer! It is my favorite sport of all time. I have been playing it since I was 3. I am a very skilled player. (Not to Brag)
I go to every soccer camp that I can and I am a very un-selfish which is vital in soccer. I think that someday I wil go to europe to play professional soccer.

external image worst-sport-environment-soccer.jpg
I Also Love IceCream. It is my favorite dessert of all. (Not including Sushi which beats everything) I usually have Ice Cream at Holy Cowz at Rose and Vickis. If you get a small you get three scoops of ice cream for only a dollar.YUUUUM
Next on the list is the army I want to join the army when I get older. Preferably the Spec Ops. I really want to make a difference. Hopefully there wont be war anymore though. But as the saying go " As long as there is man there will be war" JFK.
Next on the list is my personality. I am very stubborn, serious and independent. I am also not laid back, so dont mess with me.


I love twisted sister the band.
I will eat anything.
I have been to paris and london.
I want to go to Greece.
I am very good in History and math.
My historical figure is ALexander the Great.
I am intrested in WW2.
I love penguins.
My favorite movie is District 9.
My favorite book is the Giver by Lois Lowry
My favorite Youtube video is Spiders and the effects of stimulants.