Hello, my name is Brian and I attend PCIS middle school.

In my spare time I have lots of hobbies I enjoy. A few of them are riding my bike, playing pool and
hanging out with my friends. I also love to play sports. I play soccer and basketball. Soccer i have played for many years, maybe about seven or eight. Basketball I started recently and it is very fun. I used to play baseball but i quit. I also enjoy playing what i like to call "side" sports when i have time. "Side" sports are sports that you dont participate in a league with. A few of these for me are biking, skateboarding, and on rare occasions, tennis.

I also enjoy hanging out with my family. Me and my dad always watch movies together. I have alot of favorite movies such as Gladiator, Predator, The Godfather, "What about Bob?", Ferris Beullers Day Off, Anchorman, Absolute Power and many many more. During the summer, my enitre family will jump in our pool almost daily. It is loads of fun.
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