Heyyy! You have successfully reached Emma's page (as you can see!)
I'm from the RED howl group! I hope the fonts not too hard to see...its very bright!! lol...if it is I'll change it!! Below you can see a few of my favorite things!!!! ENJOY!!

Foods: Some of my favorites would have to be Popsicles, Coffee, Chocolate covered expresso beans, watermelon, and any mexican food!!

Icecream: My favorite kind is coffee...SURPRISE!!! But I like pretty much every kind, with the exception of that one that tastes like birthday cake.

Books: HARRY POTTER SERIES!! My favorites of the series are the 7th and 4th book!

Movie: I love all the Harry Potter movies!! My favorite of the bunch would either have to be the first or the fourth....hmmm...can't decide!

TV Show: GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actor: Daniel Radcliffe. I like Taylor Lautner too...but not so much Twilight!

Singers/bands: Hmm...I don't have one favorite, but I like Lady Gaga and Ke$ha! My favorite genre is pop, but I like them all

Songs (at the current moment): anything in Glee lol...ummm....bunch of Ke$ha songs, breakeven by
The Script, Break your heart, lots more

Subject: Howl of course!! There aren't really any subjects I don't like but i've always been intersted in geography, so i've got to go with geography (and as an added bonus, we've really done nothing in that class!)

Color: Lime green...if you couldn't tell from the text color!!!

Sports: One sport I will NEVER get is football...I don't understand it!! If you ask me football is just a bunch of guys who run around and throw each other to the ground..lol. I play soccer, basketball and lacrosse. I root for all the home teams, even if I don't watch them!!!

In my free time I like to listen to music, hang with my friends, watch tv..boring stuff.

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