Hi it's Katie from green psms howl,
I love to do Gymnastics: its my fave sport
My favorite food is mac and cheese or probably chinese food
I like LOVE howl
There are 5 people in my family
I have a bunch of friends who are awesome
Mr. Phillips rocks
And thats about it.......If you want to know more about me send me a msg or start a conversation with me

external image pig_and_puppy_background.jpg?size=32lol doggy and pig teehee

In my spare time i enjoy doing things like playin with my sister hangin out with my friends and watching tv. Oh and i also like to do puzzles and play on the computer. My favorite game on the computer is skywire at miniclip.com. It's an awesome game, you should try it. I also play flute and piccolo. I have an older brother in highschool and a younger sister whos in my grade but i was born first so yea she is technically my younger sister. Oh and mr.phillips i am so glad i gotinto your howl class its the best class ever and i wish i could do it all day but i cant so an hour is good for me. Anyways this is my page........