My name is Mackenzie...

Here are a few of my Favorite things

Songs/ Bands
Viva La Vita- Coldplay<3,
Fireflies- Owl City<3
The Black Eyed Peas

Apples, Chinese, Pizza, and mangoes!

Ghost Hunters, The Universe,
Spongebob :P, + Ghost Whisperer <3

Sports/ Hobbies:
Soccer, Basketball, Swimming,
Running, being outside, + Astronomy

Legally Blonde (1 + 2),
Harry Potter Series, 17 Again, and Avatar

Harry Potter series!, Eragon Inheritence series, Twilight series (sorta),
Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and The Host

Sports Teams:
I'm not a big fan of watching sports, but i root for the Red Sox,
The Patriots, and the Celtics

2 Tabbys' Misty and Myles, a dachshund Cooper,
and an overweight hampster Nilla

Hahahaha... he fell :)
external image 7533_1126108278491_1400697895_30298203_7678517_n.jpgMy Puppy!!! YAY!!! Cooper! :)
external image 7533_1126107798479_1400697895_30298202_2904234_n.jpg
.....And my kitty! Myles.
external image 15932_1126909018509_1400697895_30300980_6114962_n.jpgThen there is Misty! :):)