Hey! What's up? It's Meghan! Some things you may want to know about me are: I was born on March 12th. I LOVE to shop! Also, I have three pets, one cat, two dogs. My cat's name is Wilma and my two dogs' names are Ava and Octaine. I have absolutely no clue as to why my step-dad named our dog Octaine, but it's caught on over the years. I like to cook a lot. Sometimes I bring cupcakes into school, but only for certain people. I raced go-carts at my step-dad's race track for a year or so, but I quit because when my real dad fund out he flipped out. Anyway, below is some of my favorites that have been updated. Sooooooo......

FAVORITE BOOK: My favorite book is the book that I am currently reading, The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen.

FAVORITE STORES: My favorite stores are Hollister, then Aero, then Banana Republic. I also like the Charlett Russe clothes though I don't have any.
FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK: My favorite day of the week is def Friday. I know that he next day I can just chill out and sleep in.
FAVORITE SUBJECT: My favorite subject in school is HOWL because it is fun and I hate all of my other classes.


PEOPLE IN MY HOUSE: I share a house with 5 other people: my dad Kevin, my step-mom Lora, my younger brother Jack, my younger sister Ella, and my other younger brother Wes. Dad is 43, Lora is 32, Jack is 6, Ella is 4, and Wes is 5 and a half months old.

FAVORITE ACTOR: My favorite actor is Taylor Lautner one hundred percent. He is eighteen years old as of February 11th of next year. He was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and began acting in 2001. In high school he tested out of his grade level and is now taking college classes at seventeen. I like him because he's a great actor and he's definitely got some good looks to go with his talent.
FAVORITE ACTRESS: My favorite actress is Kate Hudson. She is 31 years old as of April 19th next year. She was born in Los Angeles, California and started acting in 1996.

FAVORITE SONGS: My favorite songs are Over by Drake, then Noting on You by B.O.B.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PTDv_szmL0= Nothing onYou
http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=DrakeOfficial&annotation_id=annotation_970135&feature=iv#p/f/2/CZCQ1fSmGbo= Over

FAVORITE TV SHOW: I love the CSI's. I don't really like the plain CSI. The CSI: New York is my favorite out of them all. I like most of the crime shows on TV.
FAVORITE MOVIE: I love the movie New Moon.

FAVORITE CANDY: My favorite candy is definitely Cookie Dough. Even though it's not a candy, I think it should be.
FAVORITE SHOES: I love my converse. It's just an awesome shoe and it's really casual, which I like.
FAVORITE MALE ARTIST: Justin Bieber is a really good singer I think. A lot of people don't like him. Well, I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE! He is gorgeous too. ;)
PETS: I have three pets. I have 2 dogs and 1 cat. My youngest dog is a keeshond. We had him shipped in from Alaska because that is where the best bred are found. My older one is a golden retriever. My cat is a callico cat.

FAVORITE ANIMAL: I like dolphins, horses, and dogs. Those would be my favorite animals.

FAVORITE SPORT: My favorite sport is socer without a doubt. I like snowboarding lot too, but I think I'm guna giv it up because I'm getting back into soccer.


MY SNOWBOARD :)) SOCCER RIBBON MY FRIEND MADE ME ( it got wrecked at a game :( )