Hi, I'm Sydney

Here are some of my favorites
Sport\hobbie-Gymnastics & Soccer
Movie- 7 pounds, p.s. I love you, The hills have eyes
Candy- M&Ms
Ice cream flavor- Chocolate chip cookie dough
Perfect summer day- theme park or lazy day at the beach
Colors- hot pink, lime green, baby blue, hazy brown
Weekday- Friday
Friday night- Ice skating, Hanging at football games(!Go Carver Go!)
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See full size image

Perfect night out- being crazy with friends
Book- Tears of a Tiger

Songs-love drunk, SOS, obsessed, low, so what,- to many to type

Some of my Best friends- Meghan O., Kasey D.,(apollo) Ben Anderson; Dan Jackson(Gemini) - To many to type so those are only my very closest