Hello, my name is Jack. Some sports that I do are soccer and swimming. In soccer i like to be goalie so that i can make fun of the people that can't use their hands.Also, I am awsome at defense because I don't let anyone passed me. In swimming, my favorite stroke is backstroke because, well... that is my fastest one. My coaches are kind of mean sometimes (all the time). My favorite food is definetely mashed potatoes because their so nice and soft, filling, and delicous. In my free time, I like to play video games such as, halo 3, call of duty, and other games like those ones. I have a wii, so I mostly have family games which are fun sometimes, but I like going over my friends house to play some non-family games like the ones i listed. I have two cats, boys. One is named Sammie, the other is Charlie. That is pretty much it about me so I hope you enjoy my page.


tv show-family guy
food-mashed potatoes with gravy